Как котенок Правду искал, стр. 12

на відведеній для цього

сторінці тих героїв казки, які найбільше тобі сподобалися. Розкажи про них.

Які вони? Як виглядають? Добрі вони чи злі? І чому подобаються тобі?

Якими героїв казки

бачиш ти?

Angelina Kriheli

(перевод с украинского языка - Anhelina Krikheli)

How a kitten looked for Truth

Translator – Veronika Pisarieva

Instead of a prologue…

One my very close and dear person to me believes that good books can

be divided into two types – informative/useful and interesting ones. I hope that

this fairytale wil be at least a little bit useful and interesting for you at the same

time. For that to happen it is translated into Ukrainian (indeed, everyone should

have a right to choose), contains an interactive component (questions and pages

to draw fairytale characters as a reader sees them) and it is adopted for both

young readers and their parents.

Every fairytale is not just a book, where an author shares his view of the

world, the light of his soul and thoughts… It is something priceless, that units the

whole family while evening reading of fairytales before going to bed.

And thereby let every child on the Earth, as well as this kitten, finds his

own beautiful and inimitable Truth…

To my mother,

brothers and every

reader, who takes this

book in his arms.

- Vanechka! Vanechka, tell me, sonny, didn’t it you drop a vase from a

table? – his mother bent to the boy, wiping her hand on an apron. She was baking

pies when she heard the rumble, entered the living room and saw a broken vase

and scattered candies on the floor.

The boy entered the room and shook his head, looking at his mother from

the bottom up.

- No, mommy. I was playing in my room and then heard as it fell. And…

The pies smelled so good from the kitchen!.. – said the boy sheepishly, looking

stealthily at the plate full of toasted pies.

Mum nodded to his son, told to wash his hands and sit at the table after he

puts his toys away. But when the boy was leaving the room, she added:

- Vaniusha, if you want some candies and can’t reach the table, ask your

father for help so not to drop anything. The kid nodded and hurried into the room

to put his toys away.

- Tut-tut! – mum shook her head, left in the room alone. – Sure the vase

couldn’t fall itself right from the middle of the table… How can I find the truth, if

Vanechka doesn’t tell me? Mishenka! – She called and right then the second kid

ran, into looking like Vania as two peas in a pod.

Mum told him to wash his hands and get ready for the mealtime as well,

and then asked:

- Didn’t it you drop the vase from the table unexpectedly?

- No, - the boy answered with a smile, wiping his hands on his trousers

and looking at the pies on the table.

Mum nodded to the kid and he said thoughtfully:


Maybe, Murzik played and hit it with his tail? – And he ran to help his

brother with the toys.

Murzik, who was sitting under the table, jumped out in surprise. He

definitely knew that he didn’t drop any vase from the table and didn’t scatter the

candies and in fact, he didn’t like sweets at al . A kitten quietly slipped into the

room, where brothers in eagerness were putting the toys away and cleaning the


- Murzik! – Vania happily met the kitten and hastened to fold him in his

arms. The boy scratched kitten’s ear, making him purr gladly, got closer to his

friend and move up his back to small child hands. The boy smiled:

- And where should I, Murzik, look for Truth so that my mommy wouldn’t be

sad and angry at me?

Murzik just sighed heavily in reply. He would like to know himself who

broke a wonderful colourful vase, which shone with all rainbow colours as thread

of light touched it coming into a house through the window. It was so beautiful

and he liked it so much! He often came to the living room with his mother-cat to

admire the vase.

- That’s it! – purred the kitten, but Vania understood nothing since the

kitten couldn’t speak as people do. – I’l ask my mother-cat who on Earth is that

this Truth that knows all the secrets? And where can I find it? Mommy-cat,

mommy-cat! – He yel ed running at the door, but Vania heard only how kitten

purred and suddenly whisked away.

- Mommy-cat! – Breathless from fast ran the kitten stopped close to nose

of a big fluffy cat dazing on a sil . She was lazing at the sun, swishing her tail idly

from side to side with a great pleasure.

- Umm… - the cat purred, opened her eyes and looked sweetly at the


- Mommy-cat, who is Truth?

- Why? – cat surprised, seating herself next to the kitten.

- My friend Vania says, that Truth knows who broke the vase. And if

someone finds it his mother won’t be sad because of the vase.

- Oh, I see!.. – Cat purred thoughtfully, grooming herself. – Truth is big

and scary! – She said. – People are afraid to look for Truth, but there is no use in

it for animals, we already know straight goods.

The kitten nodded, but understood nothing. That’s why he asked:


But my friend is a human. So, he needs Truth indeed. Where can I

find it? – the kitten grew sad, curling into a ball at mother-cat’s paws.

- Then asked others, just in case somebody saw her or knows where to

look. The kitten leapt to his paws