Книга The Bricklayer

The Bricklayer

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*People are dying* . . . Each victim has been a thorn in the side of the FBI, and, inexplicably, domestic terrorists who claim to be anti-­Bureau are claiming responsibility—and threatening more murders if their huge financial demands aren\'t met. The trap has been set. The Bureau\'s best agents attempt to follow the detailed demands of the blackmailers, only to be drawn into intricate mazes which are ingeniously riddled with hazards, ensuring that no one will emerge alive. The FBI has used every technological secret at their disposal to beat the killers at their game—and they have failed. The clock is ticking. Deputy Assistant Director Kate Bannon knows that the solution will not be found by following the rules. It\'s time to call in someone from her past, someone who has routinely handled the impossible—a loose cannon ex-­agent fired for insubordination but still the very best she has ever seen. It\'s time to call in Steve Vail . . . *The Bricklayer*.

Отзывы на книгу The Bricklayer автор Boyd Noah

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