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Kilborn Jack
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Guess who's back?­A sequel two years in the making...­First there was Serial...­Acclaimed thriller writers Blake Crouch and Jack Kilborn pitted their skills against each other in a psychotic game of serial murder. Crouch wrote about Lucy, a hitchhiker who killed drivers. Kilborn wrote about Donaldson, a driver who killed hitchhikers. Then they brought their characters together and tried to slaughter one another on the page.­Serial has been downloaded over 350,­000 times. The film rights have been optioned, and it is currently available as an ebook, in print in various collections, and forthcoming in audio.­Now comes Killers...­At the end of Serial, Donaldson and Lucy didn't die. When they each wake up in a hospital, under arrest for their crimes and guarded by the police, each burns with a single, overwhelming desire:­To escape and finish what they started.­That's going to be difficult with the deputies posted outside their hospital rooms and their...