Автор Clark Steven

Книга Just Another Day

Just Another Day

Clark Steven
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Dave Watkins is just an ordinary policeman; a copper on the docks at Liverpool. He is just coming to the end of a long uneventful, boring, twelve hour night shift; the thought of his warm bed beckoning; the thought of his lovely warm missus beckoning even more; maybe time to get into bed before the kids get up for school. His half asleep thoughts are interrupted by the sound of the lorry approaching. He can hear it a few seconds before the headlights come into view. As it draws near, he recognises Joe, the old time driver complete with cloth cap, fag and toothy grin. Time for a bit of banter before the off, take the piss; just a little, before the comfort of that cosy duvet and the inviting bare arse of the love of his life. Dave doesn't know it yet, but there won't be any banter today; Joe is already in the shit and Dave is about to join him; taken hostage by Luke Johnson; one violent, evil sadistic bastard, out of prison on licence and looking for one big payday. Johnson just loves to inflict pain; that's what makes him smile. Dave just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. As he opens the passenger door; the two barrels of the sawn off shotgun are pointed right at him; just a few feet from his face. Johnson snarls, "you just made the biggest mistake of your life mate." Dave's knees begin to buckle as he looks up into the eyes of the madman above him. He hopes he is going to be able to retain the contents of his bowels as the gunman beckons him on board. Dave can hardly get his legs to move as he slowly hauls himself into the cab. This is definitely not going to be just another day; this, will be a day like no other.