Автор Thomas Anthony

Книга Blue Justice

Blue Justice

Thomas Anthony
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Detective Jared Jackson, of the Tuscaloosa police force, is being reprimanded for punching out an Assistant D.A. in the courtroom, and he’s had just about enough of it. Jackson had given the man plenty of evidence to convict, but the A.D.A. didn’t use it and a pedophile now has a chance to go free. At the opening of Twisted Justice, Jared’s boss is reading him the Garrity Rights, and Jared is thinking about leaving the force. 

That night things got really serious. 

Jared took a wrong turn onto a deserted lane on his way to apologize to the judge about his behavior in court when he heard a gunshot and found a woman’s body in a Mercedes Benz by the side of the road. It was the judge’s wife. 

This is just the beginning of a series of murders that may be related, and that may have been triggered by the hot temper of Jackson himself. He takes them all on in this brawling, action-filled crime novel that swings from ambush, bloodshed, jealousy, kidnapping, romance, and more than one gunfight--to a tender resolution. 

Twisted Justice is one of three stories about Jared Jackson’s case file that make up Blue Justice, a book written in the voice of a black police officer in the South. I know all about Jared, as I worked the same beat before I decided to write about it. Blue Alert takes Detective Jackson to New Orleans, where he is called to work with the police force on another serial killer case. In Atlanta Ripper Murders Jared is confronted by a brutal murder by the side of the road when he’s on a weekend getaway with his wife.